Garden Acres, California

Garden Acres is located in the central part of California, with a total land area of 2.6 square miles. It may seem like a small place because it only has about 10,000 residents. Despite the number of people living in this area, it is still a great place as the average temperature ranges from 39ºF during winter and 94ºF in summer. If you are a tourist, the ideal time to visit this place is around mid-June to September. But if you are living here, you already know how amazing it is to stay in this place. If you are planning to move here, you have got to know what you can do in this area.


    Planning To Move In? Know The Facts

    Cost Of Living.As mentioned above, you can take a walk and enjoy the natural air or stay at home and cook your favorite meals. But if you like going to parks, living in Country Club is an excellent choice because it is very accessible to parks in other towns and cities, and here are to name a few:

    Economy.Although the area is small, the economy is doing quite well. The number of jobs available is continuously increasing every year, and it is predicted to have an additional 36.2% in the next decade. The average annual salary is around $13,000, which is twice lower than the country’s usual.

    Transportation.Since it is a small place, it is a great idea to have your own car as the majority of people residing in this location use their private vehicle to move from one place to another. Mass transportation is not very common unless you will be traveling to a different city.

    School.If you have a child who still needs to go to school, it is best to know how much you need to have. On average, each student has to pay about $10,000, which is slightly cheaper than the average school expenditure in the country, which is approximately $12,000. You can expect to have around 30 students in a class, which makes it not crowded and perfect for your kids

    Real Estate.Of course, before you could move, you need to purchase a home or property. The average size of a home would cost you around $190,000. And the value of homes and properties has been continuously increasing throughout the years. This means it is a perfect investment. And if you have plans to sell it in the future, you can definitely get your money’s worth as the return on investment is quite generous.

Remodeling Your Kitchen For Added Value

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